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Did your Mum ever say to you ‘well, if all your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it?’. This was her way of saying ‘think for yourself and don’t do something just because everyone else is’.

Recently I unfollowed a bunch of high-profile health guru’s on Facebook and Instagram. Why? The noise in my head from all the information presented (often contradictory, sometimes presented as absolute truth) was getting too loud. And when that happens I risk losing touch with my intuition, my inner knowing.

But I’m susceptible to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – what if I unfollow someone and miss an important piece of information? What if a conversation starts that I find really interesting?

The truth is I’m happy with my current knowledge.  And if I want more, I’ll actively seek it out. Social media was becoming a very passive way to fill my head with information…and sometimes fear.

So I practiced Conscious Social Media use.

Conscious Social Media use means that I acknowledge there is a lot of information online that might be important, interesting and relevant.

However it is up to me to know how I want to feel and choose what I want to consume.

And that’s what’s hidden in plain sight – once you know what you want (and don’t want) you get to choose it.

So what do you want and how do you want to feel?

Less confusion, more positivity, fewer feelings of comparisonitis, more inspiration and meaningful connections?

Less information overload?

Maybe you’re sick of fear-based messages or content that promotes hatred or intolerance.

Or too many photos of delicious treats are a distraction when you’re a procrastibaker!

This is what I did…

  • I looked really closely at my social media feed. I was looking for images and messages that created potential confusion/distraction and got in the way of trusting my internal wisdom.
  • I used the Unfollow button. For Facebook, did you know you can Unfollow without Unliking/Unfriending? Click on the drop-down arrow in one of their posts and click Unfollow. You’ll still Like the page/group/person but no longer see their posts in your Feed. The person is not notified of this change.

And to be conscious of what I allow in my Feed…

  • For sponsored posts (ads in my news feed) I don’t want to see, it’s as easy as click ‘Hide Ad’ in the drop-down arrow in the ad.
  • For posts I find upsetting or triggering (yet still want to follow), I click ‘Hide Post’ in the drop-down arrow of the post.

An unexpected side benefit to unfollowing on social media is I’m on it less. And like a lot of people, any help in that area is a good thing!

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