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Have you heard about polarity? You know, the state of two opposites like the north and south pole.

But what the heck does polarity have to do with relationships?

Well, it’s because polarity often forms the basis of our attraction to another person. It’s the idea of opposites attract, being drawn to people who are different – yet complement – us. 

Yes, sometimes we think why can’t my partner be more like me. But underneath this, we don’t really want a clone of ourselves. We want the push/pull of our different energies complementing and driving the desire between us.

Polarity is often talked about as masculine and feminine energies, and this is certainly a rich area to explore and discover. When a relationship loses its sizzle, couples often find exploring ways to intensify these energies creates more polarity, and the juiciness increases.

But another way we can amplify polarity in our relationships is through creating, supporting and nurturing DIFFERENCE and DISTANCE. 

What are some simple ways to do this?

Difference – cultivate hobbies, interests and friends separate from your partner. Notice and celebrate the ways your partner is different from you. What do you learn from them?

Distance – absence makes the heart grow fonder so look for ways to spend time apart (this has been challenging for many couples during the last 2 years under lockdowns and restrictions). Are there micro-distancing strategies that you can incorporate in day-to-day life, like sleeping in separate bedrooms?

How do you amplify difference and distance in your relationship?

Robyn Sign Off - Pink

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