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You know those days when you’re in the flow?

Everything is working. Life feels like it’s happening for You. You’re part of conversations that make your heart sing, you’re getting stuff done.

And then other days…not so much.

You expected your kids to be at school, but school got cancelled.

You expected your partner to listen to you but they’re distracted.

You expected the day to be sunny so you could do stuff but it’s raining.

You expected the dinner to turn out perfectly but it got ruined.

You expected there to be money in the bank but there is none.

You expected your kids to behave themselves and they acted like monsters.

You expected your friend to be there for you but she let you down.

Recently I’ve had a run of what I’ve started to call Magical Mondays. Three consecutive Mondays where amazing synchronicity and magical stuff was happening. But I started noticing Tuesday was sucky, not big time but just flat and ordinary. Little upsets, petty stuff. What the…?

And then I saw the pattern. I was flying high on Monday, crashing on Tuesday. But the biggest part was my expectations. Everything I love was happening on Monday, but Tuesday had it’s a fair dose of life’s hiccups.

Here are what trips us up – expectations. We all have them.

What’s another word for expectations? Stories with attachment to outcome.

What do our expectations mask? Usually a need to be in control, to feel in control of our lives or the lives of others.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting our lives to be or look a certain way.

But we cling tightly to how life/partner/kids/our body/friends/job/family should be.

And then when they’re not, we feel disappointed. Pissed off. Sad. Furious. Frustrated. Or all the above.

Ready to let go of expectations?

  1. Know what your expectations are. Flush those babies out! It’s a bit hard to work with them if they continue to lurk in the shadows, unseen and unexpressed.
  2. Notice when you’re in the middle of an Expectation (aka Story with Attachment to Outcome). What need is not being met?
  3. Breathe and ground yourself. I’m not saying this stuff is easy. It’s easier to kick off into reaction (we’re creatures of habit in that way) so we need space to notice what’s going on.
  4. At this point, you’re ready to ask yourself ‘what do I need right now?’. Maybe it’s a heart to heart conversation about your needs, maybe it’s timeout, maybe it’s asking for help. Play online games at the best friv 2 games this website. Play best jogos friv games site. Play online games at the best friv 2 games.

Final tip: Be aware when you are “Should-ing” on yourself or other people! You’re probably knee-deep in expectations.

Living with tightly held expectations can be a painful, yet often overlooked experience. They can run like a silent, corrosive element in our lives. Lurking powerfully but furtively.

It takes courage to work compassionately with our Expectations. But we have a choice. To keep them in the dark or bring them gently into the Light.

What expectations are you ready to let go of?

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