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Life is going to keep coming at you.

And sometimes it feels like it won’t stop.

Tossed around by the unrelenting force of life, what are you to do?

Run away? Bury yourself in busyness? Eat? Rage? Shop? Drink? Keep quiet when you have something to say? Dissolve into a screen?

Disconnect from yourself, those around you and the pain?

I was reminded recently that life can be incredibly painful. Over a two week period, life came at me. Hard.

I found myself bunkering down at first, reserving my energy for the most basic requirements. But as time went by – and more of life came at me – I started reaching out beyond my inner circle of support.

And I cried. At one point it struck me the ocean must be filled with the tears of women’s sadness, grief, frustration, loss and despair.

Just being with the discomfort of my tears, honoured the depth of my feeling.

I kept widening my circle of support – massage, energy work, more bodywork.

Remembering to open my heart and receive support from the sisterhood, that magnificent wave of empathic heart-centred feminine energy.

Because what other choice do I have? Once cracked open, disconnecting from myself, those around me and the pain is not an option.

But we do have a choice. So for all of us who take the tentative baby steps towards recognising our triggers, healing our wounds and committing to live with open hearts, I see you.

Your courage to show up and keep doing The Work – however that may look – inspires all of us.

But, more importantly, it creates a healing ripple effect going way beyond where you could ever imagine.

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