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I think it’s fair to say that by the time we hit our 40’s and 50’s many of us have had some experience of trauma.

It might have been something you experienced (death, loss of a relationship, abuse, accident, betrayal) or it might have been something you witnessed (being at the scene of a traumatic incident).

It might have happened in childhood and/or adulthood. It can be a one-off event or an on-going experience.

We are not immune to the terrible things that happen around us and to us. Yet we are born to survive and as such instinctively develop coping strategies that differ for each of us.

Some coping strategies may serve in the short term, but not as we grow and develop. Other coping strategies may be harmful to ourselves and those around us.

A question to ask is what did you need and how well supported were you during and after the experience?

Stressful life events can act as triggers for reliving past trauma and set up an avalanche of emotion. This compounding effect can be worse if the original trauma wasn’t addressed or healed.

The impact of trauma is real. You deserve to be supported in any way that works for you.

Most often, in my experience, that includes accessing some form of therapeutic support, either via an experienced therapist or counsellor or within personal development work that is highly skilled in trauma work.

It is possible to heal from trauma. Your past doesn’t need to define your future.

This information is general in nature. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider for more information and support.

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