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I’m currently immersed in 3 weeks of Soul Sister/Best Friend lovin’ in the fine city of Portland 🙂

Jen lives in America, I live in Australia so every two years we take it in turns to visit the other.

And this is my year to come to the States.

Long distance best-friendships are challenging but we make it work. Regular marathon phone calls and decadent biennial visits are our signature moves.

We accept that our soul agreement included an interesting clause about our nationalities.

But it doesn’t stop us from wanting more. We dream of living close to one another as we did 15 years ago when we first met in Switzerland.

Now that Jen and her husband have planted roots in Portland, I want to be here too. It sounds crazy, right? How the hell could I do that with two kids and an Australian passport?

Well, the truth is I have no idea. And I’m ok with that. If I’m meant to live in Portland then I’ll shoot my desires out into the Universe and watch. And wait. And follow the hints and leads that show up. And always, stay curious and open. Doing business in lithuania: company and VAT registration, business opportunities

What do you want? What in your Life right now does your heart desire? What do you need to keep your vision alive?

When the next step shows up, will you be brave enough to take it?

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