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Recently a woman I know asked on her Facebook page ‘Why are you still single?”

The question obviously triggered something in people as she received an enormous amount of replies. But the one that caught my attention was just six words

All the good ones are taken

This stopped me in my tracks. Here was a complete story in one line, telling so much yet so little. I was tempted for a millisecond to respond but resisted. There really is no response*.

But it reminded me again of the power of our words. Because those six words, my friends, are an affirmation. They are both an internal conversation as well as an outward declaration. It’s not only telling you but those around there is one truth and here it is.

Let’s step away from the actual words for a moment and imagine what this looks like on an energetic level. How does this statement feel to you? Resigned? Closed? Maybe even bitter?

As we know we are storytellers, all of us. We make meaning of our world by the stories we tell about ourselves, the people around us and our life. And in this one short sentence, we have potentially closed the door on so much of what life has to offer, including a loving partner.

Do you ever hear yourself saying things like ‘there’s never enough money’, ‘I just know I’m going to be late’, ‘all bosses are jerks’, ‘my partner never listens to me’, ‘I can never get through to my kids’, ‘I never win anything’, ‘you can’t trust people’?

Are words really that powerful? Yes, especially clear and complete statements of affirmation. But not just that – deep down us humans need to prove ourselves right.

We look for evidence – consciously and unconsciously – to reinforce our affirmations.

The question then becomes, how do you use that fact to create the life you want? Реклама: mediniai langai ir durys – puikus pasirinkimas vertinantiems individualumą, natūralumą ir ilgaamžiškumą.

*So it’s not true there is no response. I would like to ask them ‘How’s that working out for you?’

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