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I don’t have any tattoos but if I did, I know exactly what I’d get and where I’d put it.

The word Trust would be written in plain script on my inner left wrist and Surrender on my inner right wrist.

But I don’t need it. These two words have guided me for long enough now they come like old friends when I need them.

It took a while to get comfortable enough to fully appreciate their power and then share that process with clients in coaching sessions.

One of the first times I played with Trust and Surrender, we were about to go away on a summer holiday and there was no one to look after Henry our dog. The kennels were full and our options seemed limited.

I could feel the pressure building, you know that ‘I just don’t see a solution here’ kind of feeling?

So I handed it over. Who to? The Universe, Spirit, a power higher and greater than me.

I kept the affirmation Trust and Surrender rattling around in my brain. Whenever I’d get that pressured fearful feeling, I’d repeat the words to myself.

And I kept exploring my options. Till a lovely neighbour offered to have Henry stay at her place while we were away. So he did and we were extremely grateful.

I sometimes tell my clients that connecting with Trust and Surrender is an antidote for all of us who are control freaks, people pleasers and anxious types. But I also honour the journey it takes to get to the place where the words have meaning and connection.

In the meantime, play with what feels good. Notice what you can and can’t control. Then make a decision about how you want to be and how you want to feel as you travel through this experience.

You are more powerful than you can ever imagine, midlife rebel.

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