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I’m taking advantage of that end of year feeling to reflect on what I’ve learnt, or remembered, about myself the past 12 months.

As you read the list, I’m curious what comes up for you. What are your take-aways from this year?

  • As much as I enjoy being loved, adored and cherished within a relationship, I really need someone who helps me grow. Which is another way of saying someone who is as strong, or stronger, than me and challenges my unconscious ways of being (AKA calling me out on my bullshit).
  • I really really don’t want another cat.
  • I prefer the term ‘inelegant’ for my sometimes communication style. So much nicer than blunt or like an elephant in a china shop.
  • It’s scary seeing your Mum deathly unwell in a hospital bed, confronting her mortality for the first time. I have overwhelming gratitude for modern cancer medicine and the miracle of prayer and positive energy.
  • I read about ‘pot-plant parenting’ and it resonated. Now my girls are older and working out what it takes to be a young adult, I’m there like a pot plant, in the background yet still available.
  • I have a way of seeing the crooked, faulty seam in a beautiful jacket (this is a metaphor a coach I worked with helpfully pointed out to me. Sometimes the default setting in my brain sees the flaw before the beauty. Now I’m aware, I’m working on flipping the switch).
  • I only visited the Grampians (Victoria) for the first time ever last year and I fell in love with the place. Going there 3 times this year with 3 different groups of people cemented the love affair.
  • As soon as people have expectations of me – and I of them – there is the possibility of disappointment. The bigger the expectation the bigger the disappointment.
  • Supervising a kick-ass phenomenal Social Work student last year wasn’t a one-off event. Repeated this year. Grateful for the privilege to mentor and guide another hugely talented student.
  • I like the idea that we all catch a case of being human every now and then.
  • Nothing like tentatively picking my way across a pitch-black body of water in the middle of the night guided only by the person in front with a magical walking stick and having my ‘drowned in another lifetime’ memory activated to show me that I’m in control of my fears. (Thanks New Zealand, pure magic).
  • It is much better for me not to be initially attracted to a person I’m considering dating. Too much lust = one ungrounded, unbalanced Libran. A bit curious is fine though.
  • I’m more apprehensive than I thought I’d be to take my learner driver daughter out driving.
  • That soft vulnerable place is called my ‘tender edge’. It doesn’t always feel comfortable but I keep being drawn back there.
  • Spending time with boarding school friends is both a trip down memory lane and permission to be the girl I was then.
  • Life can change quickly. Wait for the magic to reveal itself because it sure did this year.

Over to you – what did you learn or remember about yourself this year?

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