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As the journey inwards to knowing yourself begins we come across the stories.

We are storytellers, making meaning of our lives in the way we frame and describe all aspects of our existence.

The stories often have roots in the past. So with curiosity and compassion, we find stories steeped in anxiety, worry, resentment, not good enough-ness, abandonment, helplessness, perfectionism, anger.

Going further inward, we sense our separation from others. Our aloneness.

We find fear.

And from this uncomfortable place, with the courage to stay right there, we feel humanity. The shared experience.

The struggle others are having. The fear that surrounds all of us.

Our connection.

The illusion of separation disappears. The illusion of aloneness evaporates.

And what is left?

Only the one thing that resides deep in the heart of all of us.

The unifier, the transformer, the illusion-shatterer.


And from this place, the possibility of peace awakens.

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