Robyn is a powerhouse. She’s a compassionate, intuitively attuned facilitator with direct experience in the journey of wellness. Her programs invite whole transformation for anyone ready to take the challenge into self empowerment.

Denmo Ibrahim, Founder + CEO, Earthbody

“In my first session with Robyn, I was so overwhelmed with life that I had no idea how to ask her to help me.  I didn’t need to ask or give any direction – Robyn intuitively knew how to guide me.  She helped me work out what my personal and professional priorities were and from there we came up with realistic strategies to sort those priorities out.

Ain’t no progress without direction – just stagnation and anxiety!  I’m so grateful for Robyn’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone who feels a little stuck, or unsure of how to achieve their goals”.

“I was overwhelmed, struggling to manage my busy life, and I’d forgotten what it was like to be happy.  Robyn is helping me to trust and honour myself, to value what I want and who I am, to allow myself to be free from my own regimented rules and unrealistic expectations that have been confining me.

Robyn’s approach is genuine, supportive and compassionate.  She shares a wealth of knowledge and experience to challenge my thinking and empowers me to find my own answers.   I feel inspired, incredibly honoured and grateful to be working with Robyn”.

Thank you for our session today. A massive realisation. Enormous. I can see how reconnecting with my creativity is a key to my happiness.

After our session, I picked up some lunch, sat in the car in Gisborne and wrote an account of craft in my life. 10 pages over 2 hours and I stopped 4 times on the way home to add more. Pretty good effort for someone who generally doesn’t journal 🙂 It was a positive acknowledgement rather than doubt about decisions.

This reflection has shown me how significant and important craft (as a means of creative expression) has always been in my life.

The following came out of this reflection:

I am miserable because I am not allowing myself to be who I want to be. (Who I want to be is becoming more clear!!) I have been denying and suppressing my creative self through regimented rules and unrealistic expectations. I now want to acknowledge and embrace her again. I feel inspired to start creating – I want to feel that contentment again.

Thank you. “

“Sometimes what we think are the little things in life, such as a good, filling brekkie, a short walk and a sound night’s sleep, are the things we overlook the most… and when everything else becomes overwhelming, we are not sure which direction to look to get ourselves back on track…

I think of Robyn as my spotlight… someone who gently shines a light on the simple things in life that I have missed, guiding me back to the basics with love and compassion, so that the big things in life don’t seem so insurmountable”.

“I came to Robyn looking for a greater sense of self and emotional stability and also to figure out some sort of grand plan for my life, as at the time that is what I thought should be working on.

Coaching with Robyn allowed me to release my self from the ‘shoulds’ in my life and connect with who I am and what it is important to me.

I no longer feel stressed and as though I need a grand plan to achieve my life’s purpose. I am comfortable with focusing on the here and now and going with the flow. This has given me such a sense of relief and a greater sense of contentment with life.

Robyn has also helped me work to improve my relationship with myself and those important to me, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

At times throughout our coaching, I struggled with letting go and allowing myself to focus on whatever comes up, thinking with my heart and body rather than my head. However by the end it all made sense and all the seemingly little things we discussed and worked on became equally important pieces of a larger puzzle.

Robyn is charismatic, friendly and grounded and has an amazing manner to help you ponder, question and challenge yourself.

I think everyone has something to gain from spending coaching time with Robyn. She is simply wonderful.”

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