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I do Life with bucketloads of curiosity.

I’m curious about what it means to be separated and how I can create the best version of that reality possible. This has meant not switching off and letting the relationship be defined by what conventional wisdom says that means.

I’ve learnt that the joy of being awake in my own life means I get to choose.

So here’s the scoop – the next chapter in our separation as husband and wife is about to begin.

After the recent sale of the family home (which I wrote about here), the search for a new home began. The first place I saw was one of two newly built townhouses on a small block.

I organised with the real estate agent to have a look through, but I had to wait a week as building work was still being completed. In that time, some interesting conversations between Michael and I took place.

The fact there were two townhouses side by side, available for rent, intrigued me. Both Michael and I needed somewhere to live. So I took the first step and asked if he was interested in looking at the other townhouse. His response was ‘would that be weird?’ I told him I honestly didn’t know.

We had more conversations over the course of the week. About each other’s need for privacy. What will it be like once we have new relationships and we’re living so close together? What would the girls think? Should we do it? Is it crazy, or crazy good?

Is it possible to live next door to your ex and have the new life you’re ready for?

Is the convenience factor regarding the kids overshadowing something we can’t see?

After much discussion, we decided there was no harm in looking at both places. There were enough variables to not guarantee we’d be successful even if we wanted them.

I knew I wanted one of the townhouses immediately. Irrespective of whether Michael wanted the other one or not. He took a second look and decided he was interested.

I hand-wrote a letter with the applications outlining our desire to co-parent the best way we knew and how living side by side would support that. By the afternoon we received the news that the townhouses were ours!

Last week we picked up the keys to two new homes right next door to each other.

I’m excited. I know that with on-going communication we can make this work. Yes, it probably does sound like the plot for a sitcom (as my younger daughter commented). But it feels right for right now and that’s the most important thing.

Early on, I set an intention for how I wanted the separation to unfold (the story began way back in 2014 here).

This applies to all areas of Life. Stay curious. You know what needs to change. But do you know how you want it to look? Will you follow a familiar path or is there a possibility of creating something entirely different?

And the big question – what intention do you want to set for yourself and your Life?

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