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Dear Soul Sister - Pink

This is not an easy update for me to write. But I’m committed to sharing a part of my life that will be gone before I know it. And sharing in a way that is not just done for the sake of doing it, but that hopefully brings understanding and insight. Either to your own life, or someone in your life.

I also want to honour and acknowledge myself (is that weird? I say we should all do it!) for taking on this challenging life event. For fully showing up in my life in the best way I know how and being prepared to do the work. I’m certainly not saying I’ve done it all perfectly, but that’s never the point.

I’m not sure how to condense the last six months into a couple of words here, but I can tell you it’s been interesting. I’ve had conversations with people I never expected to have, I’ve gone to places within myself that I’ve not been before and I’ve witnessed mine and other people’s pain and relief.

I can tell you this – there is no way I would have wanted to travel this last six months alone or silently. No way, no how. I’ve had the support of a therapist, friends, family and even my business coach. I’ve been supported by every single person who listened to me with an open heart, who held their judgement, and who saw possibility (sometimes even shiny and bright) in my future.

I’ve also embraced (again) the deeply calming practice of daily meditation. I think this, along with my regular and enjoyable exercise activities, has maintained the balance in my mind.

I’ve called on all the work I’ve done up till now – all the years of personal transformative learning and spiritual growth work. It’s a part of my DNA now, and it allows me to walk through this time with a lot more ease and grace than I possessed fifteen years ago.¬†

This is a dynamic story and the chapters are still being written. Living arrangements are still in a state of transition, yet I know that even though my busy, active, creative, problem-solving mind can’t see what’s coming next, that all will be well.

And I know that I’ll look back on this time with a deep sense of respect for myself and my recently separated husband. We didn’t do it perfectly. We did it the best way we knew how.

With all my love

Robyn Sign Off - Pink

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