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What comes up for you when you hear ‘relax and receive’? Do you take a breath and feel your shoulders drop a bit?

Or do you feel tighter and a bit tense?

A little while ago life threw me into a soup of fear, powerlessness and sadness. All spiced with an approaching full moon and pre-menstrual hormones.

What’s a girl to do?

It took a couple of days but I reached out to a friend to let her know I wasn’t doing too well. She jumped in with her big heart and from there I allowed other friends to support me through my challenges.

I didn’t feel fully able to relax but I allowed myself to receive. And for someone who naturally enjoys supporting others, this was a life switcheroo that took time to embrace.

What I was able to do, however, was relax into receiving.

And this crucial shift allowed me to open fully to the love and support around me.

But when regular life is rollicking along, Relax and Receive is a handy affirmation to keep me feeling good (I like to keep life simple and finding what makes me feel good is the easiest navigation point I return to).

When I’m feeling the pushing, striving, forcing or fearful energies, Relax and Receive helps me take a breath and softens my jaw.

Try it yourself. Next time you’re feeling the ‘shoulds’, fears or worries repeat the affirmation ‘Relax and Receive’ and notice what happens.

It may be the difference between peace of mind and a mind in pieces.

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