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It’s interesting the number of people who say they ‘hate’ Christmas. I can even feel myself slipping into Scrooge-like feelings of resentment when I think of the presents not yet bought and the lack of inspiration for said presents.

I mean, come on, who needs more stuff?!

The expectations and pressure on us at this time of the year can be enormous to the point of overwhelming.

Buying the ‘right’ gifts, seeing people, organising Christmas Day, family dynamics…no wonder it’s considered one of the most stressful times of the year.

So many of us inherit traditions from our childhood and feel obligated to ‘do’ Christmas the way it’s always been done. Even when we have lovely memories, they become swamped with our to-do list today.

Women, in particular, feel the pressure to ensure everyone is happy and all needs are catered for. Bending over backwards becomes the December workout of choice.

From what I’ve heard, many people are yearning to create new traditions in their family and unhook from all the pressure and expectations but are scared of how others will respond. I wish I knew it a year ago

What would Christmas look like if you didn’t Should on yourself?

Have you reclaimed Christmas so that it suits you and your family?

Would you like to?

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