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{Podcast} Tiffani Clingin, Life Coach and Therapist

Do you know Tiffani Clingin? If not, it’s time to meet her! Tiff is well known in the community for her radiant, cheerful, slightly irreverent and open-hearted personality.

Today she shares why self-care is a generous act, what Tiff does in her own life to choose happiness, we touch on parenting plus the big thing missing in most relationships.

And for a woman who has spent many years being in service to others, find out the one thing most people don’t know about Tiff 🙂

Tiffani Clingin graduated from RMIT University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Social Work then spent 6 years of post-graduate training in psychotherapy and family therapy. She’s a Certified Professional Coach and a trainer for the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia. Tiffani has worked in private practice in the Macedon Ranges since 2001. 

You can find her on Facebook and at her practice Liberty Chiropractic. Tiff also blogs here.

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