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{Podcast} Marg Thornell Heart Energetics and On Purpose course

After a little technical glitch where I lost the first interview (!), I’m happy to bring you this fascinating conversation with Marg Thornell. We discuss the powerful healing modality Heart Energetics which uses balancing (from kinesiology) to identify and remove trapped emotions, unconscious limiting beliefs and anything else blocking vitality, energy and wellbeing.

We also dive into the On Purpose course, a 9-week transformational journey that allows us to ask ‘why I am here, what’s important to me and what is my purpose?’.

Marg Thornell is a facilitator and coach based in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria Australia. She is a practitioner in The Emotion Code and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and is facilitator of the ‘On Purpose’ course.

Contact Marg via her website here. Find more information about the  On Purpose course and the Heart Energetics training day.

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