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{Podcast} Letting Go with Jen Bowers robynpatton

You’re no doubt familiar with the process of letting go, whether a relationship, job, dream or big idea. Maybe you’re letting go of something important in your life now and in between no longer here but not yet there.

Jen and I chat about her very personal story of letting go of the adoption process and with it the dream of becoming a Mum. She’s also in the process of letting go of much in her current business so we dive into the behind-the-scenes story about that decision.

Whether you’re considering taking the step into the unknown of setting free a part of your life, or just acknowledging that the end of the year is a great time to release and re-set, join Jen and I for the first of many thought-provoking chats! 

(please excuse Henry barking in the background – next time he’ll be outside 😉

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