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Krystal Alexander-Hille is a Goddess Facilitator, Mentor and founder of Goddess Reawakening. She lives as the embodiment of the divine feminine, radiating high priestess energy, so she was the perfect person to speak with about something many of us are noticing and appreciating – the rise of the feminine.

I’m curious about the role of feminine energy and how to utilise its power towards a more balanced and fulfilled life, and you’ll enjoy this chat if you are too. We also dive into the masculine and how to acknowledge both the divine feminine and divine masculine in your life.

Krystal is passionate about working with the goddess energies and has developed processes and practices to release blockages and past pain, addressing both this and other lives.

She is a workshop and retreat facilitator and author of two books: “She who would be Queen” and “In the Womb of the Goddess” as well as numerous guided visualisations. 

Find out more about Krystal and her work at her website, Goddess Reawakening and via Facebook.

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