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Most business owners, especially those with a website, will eventually need an About Me page and headshots. As prospective clients and customers, we like to see you and know more about you.

Ann Bolch and Alina Golovachenko have joined their professions – writer and photographer – to offer a complete package (called The Full Picture)  which cost-effectively and creatively bundles these two services.

In this podcast, one of my questions focussed on when’s the best time to invest in these two areas, especially if you’re a new business with limited funds. Alina’s answer was ‘Once you are relying on your website as the way you’re attracting people to your business’ and Ann reminded us that the About Me/About Us page is the most visited on your website.

Another lively, thought-provoking conversation with lots of insight for those interested in branding and promoting their business.

Ann Bolch

As a writer, editor and story coach from the Macedon Ranges, Ann Bolch loves the challenges and rewards of drawing out people’s stories be they business, memoir or fiction. She has clients from all over the world improving their prose through her business A Story to Tell

Her own novel manuscript is currently buy cialis lilly waiting patiently in the inbox of a great Australian publisher. Six years in the drafting, Ann knows that strong writing takes time to brew. She also knows that sometimes you just need to get it out there, pronto!

Alina Golovachenko

I am photographer in the Macedon Ranges specialising in photos for businesses and individuals: headshots and photos of your space and what you do.

My work has been used in tourism visitors’ guides, business websites, social media channels, national magazines and online journals. 

With a background in visual arts, writing and ‘misc’, there have been short films, music photography and journalism, studies in landscape architecture, working for celebrity chefs (okay, one) and turning left instead of right one day to be exactly where I am today.

I currently support Ann Bolch in her business A story to tell and, along with writer and photographer David Brewster, take headshots for our collaborative venture The Full Picture.

Check out The Full Picture on the website and follow A Story to Tell on Facebook.

Robyn Sign Off - Pink

Life Coach
Facilitator of Men’s Groups and Women’s Coaching Circles

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