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Today being the last day of the year, a lot of us are feeling the hope and anticipation for what 2015 is going to bring. But before I move on, my attention is on 2014. Along with growing my business and being privileged to coach many wonderful women on their journey, there was interesting stuff going on in my personal life.

One of many highlights was the trip to Ubud Bali with my daughter Lily in celebration of her 13th birthday. My brother Matthew was living there and he treated us to the most magnificent healing, foodie, spiritual trip possible. My intention is to return to Ubud next year for another dose of its magic.

I attended some stand out events, my favourite I have to say was the Big Hearted Business Conference hosted by the amazing Clare Bowditch. It was a conference like no other, designed to inspire, nurture and connect. All the speakers were fantastic, including the transformational Danielle LaPorte.

I also had the opportunity to experience and meet other amazing women this year including Sarah Wilson, Taryn Brumfitt and Jo Whitton. I could have listened to Sarah Wilson speak all day, Quirky Jo was one of the nicest and most fun people you’d hope to meet and Taryn Brumfitt is a game-changer.

But one woman stands head and shoulders above all others, and that is my Soul Sister and BFF Jen. She lives in the USA and we see each other every 2 years. This year was her turn to visit, and I was so excited to have her (and her husband, Brad) stay with us for 2 weeks. We laughed, cried, cracked our hearts wide open, had amazing experiences and adventures and loved each other up. Gratitude and love pour from every cell in my body.

And finally, my biggest news from 2014 is my husband and I separated. I don’t take it lightly, sharing this news here, but I have checked with Michael and he gave his permission. As deeply personal as this news is, I also feel it’s important to mention it. It was a profound experience in my life, and has taken me on a truly life-changing journey. From the first moment, I set the intention that we would do this in a loving, respectful and kind way.

And as much as the term ‘conscious uncoupling’ has received a bad rap, it gave me a foundation for how I knew I wanted this experience to unfold. And so it has. Yes, many tears and heartbreaking moments. But thanks to excellent support (both personal and professional), open communication and a willingness from both us to commit to doing this the best way we can, our experience has been positive.

We are taking it very slowly, allowing everyone involved to understand and adapt and we are grateful for all the support we continue to receive. It is my intention to complete this relationship (marriage) in a way that honours our hearts, our history and our children.

And it is my intention to create a new relationship with Michael built on friendship, amazing co-parenting and (a new kind of) love.

Wishing you a magical and transformational 2015. May you receive all the abundance that is on its way ♥

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