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I’m curious about the roles we play in life. And how they can tie us down, sometimes unknowingly. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

🎭 Putting-everyone-else-first good girl 

🎭 Hardworking business owner

🎭 Reliable breadwinner

🎭 The funny one

🎭 Always the first to offer help

🎭 The go-to guy

🎭 The one with the perfect house/garden/kids/job/partner

🎭 The dutiful wife, husband, daughter, son

Roles aren’t good or bad. We all have them. 

But sometimes a role 

❌Can be hard to maintain. 

❌Was chosen for us by others (family, culture, society)

❌May not align with our values any more

❌May be harmful to our health and wellbeing

Allowing ourselves to evolve can feel challenging and uncomfortable. Sometimes the people around us are resistant to our evolution and prefer we stay the same.

Roles can serve a purpose, and shaking free of them takes awareness and compassionate curiosity (my favourite way to approach any change!).

Is there a role you’re wanting to shed?

Robyn Sign Off - Pink

Life Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

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