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Dear Soul Sister - Pink

There I go again, writing big headlines that say it all but say nothing. But if you read my previous post at the six month mark, I thought it was time to check back in.

This year – 2015 – continues to pull me inwards, on a quest to understand my past and plant the seeds to create my future. I have gone deep on my masculine/feminine work and poked around in the buy lasix diuretic playground of all my previous relationships with men. And I’ve done some forgiveness work. At times I’ve been on my knees in despair and fear, but more often I’ve been on my knees in gratitude and anticipation.

Life continues to play out slowly and carefully outside of me, but the big shifts and awakenings are happening inside. Winter has drawn me into her embrace, and I’ve surrendered to the elements. I feel the rich soil of an internal garden bed and know the seedlings that sprout in Spring will signal a new direction. This story is changing, you just can’t see it on the outside yet.

I have vowed and committed to take each step as it comes, and not allow myself to be overwhelmed with ‘what-ifs’ and ‘how am I going to’s’. I spent a bit of time in the Land of Scary Stories and it was not pleasant. Nor did it move me forward, instead I became stuck and resistant. The paralysing goo has dissolved, cialis online western union helped by professional support, loving friends and plain old time.

Plus I tasted a freedom that has been long missing in my life. It was a freedom that opened creative channels and allowed a flow of energy that I crave. More, more, more!

My biggest challenge has been staying with whatever comes up without judgement. The fear, the stuckness, the resistance, the pain. I’ve witnessed all these emotions arrive, stay a while then move on. And in their place came light, and a vision.

The vision that pulls me forward now is clear in my mind. I’ve set an intention for my Life that I can nearly taste. It’s juicy, ripe and delicious. Like a perfect mango, it’s worth the wait (and work) and the promise of its arrival is as certain as Summer. What about already21 fake id shop probably the best website to purchase

Robyn Sign Off - Pink

Holistic Life Coach
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The 6 pillars of Intuitive Nourishment


?Words and Thoughts

?People and Relationships

?Connection and Spirituality

?Rest and Replenishment

?Movement and Exercise

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