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That’s what I asked Danielle LaPorte when she invited questions from the audience during her visit to Melbourne earlier this year.

Her response – you love the Soul, you don’t have to love the personality.

This distinction is a helpful starting place for an experience so many of us are struggling to make sense of.

But I’m curious – will we be thanking Donald Trump (and those in power around him) one day?

Is the role he’s playing important for our collective evolution?

Honestly, it’s times like this that an understanding of history would help. We’ve been here before. Surely.

In lieu of looking backwards, I look inwards. And one idea I got curious about was ‘is Donald Trump mirroring all that I don’t like about myself?’.

I wonder if what I see in him is a reflection of my shadow self – those parts of me I hide from the world (and myself).

Now this could all be bollocks. And that’s fine. Donald Trump acts in a way that most sane people would be horrified by.

But have you ever noticed, following a negative reaction to someone, that what they triggered had more to do with you than them?

That what I disown in myself – what I am not able to look at within myself – is reflected back to me in those I react most strongly to. CC shop

Stay curious. Next time someone really pisses you off or rattles your cage, go within. Is there anything there for you?

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