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Brave Vulnerable Audacious

Want to play it safe? Not interested in stepping outside your comfort zone? Happy with life and not wanting to make any changes? Stop reading now.

But maybe, like me, you’ve been inspired by the global conversation started by Brené Brown and you’re more ready than ever to embrace courage and vulnerability.

Maybe your soul is calling you towards something, it feels scary but you sense on the other side is more…more of you and more for you.

You also suspect that if you stand still, you’ll wither. A part of you will die.

Or maybe you’ve worked out that ‘speaking your truth’ and being authentic are easier said than done. Yet when you allow yourself, you feel a resonance deep inside that feels like nothing else.

Welcome to living a Brave Vulnerable Audacious life!

Each are connected, and they fit together like a puzzle piece.

They travel up, through and out the body – both the physical and energy body.

We can harness the energy of each – courage, buy cialis 60 mg online vulnerability and audacity – to create and transform our lives.


Gut – courage, sense of safety, stepping outside your comfort zone, feeling pulled towards something, a knowing or calling, intuition.


Heart – open, softness, connection, authentic self, being seen, removing the mask, dropping ‘in’, reflection, honesty without judgment, love. AML Baltic Mediniai langai


Head – ideas, thoughts, action, doing, moving forward, taking the first step.

Brave + Vulnerable = Audacious (or Bodacious!) action.

Whether in your relationships, work, life purpose, your home, family or friends, if you’re wanting to live with more courage, vulnerability and audacity join us over at the Brave Vulnerable Audacious Facebook group page and on the Podcast for inspiration and to share your BVA journey.

Together is better than alone.

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Holistic Life Coach

Inspiration to live a Brave Vulnerable Audacious life

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