Coaching FAQ’s

What’s the best way to find the right coach for me?

Many coaches offer a complimentary no-obligation chat (sometimes called a Discovery Session) to discuss what you’re looking for and how the coach might work with you. This is the perfect opportunity to ask the coach questions about their qualifications, experience, background and how they work.

I’m not sure if I need a counsellor or a coach?

This is a common question, and there are a couple of ways to find out what you need. If you are in crisis or experiencing pain, suffering or distress from something that is happening in your life now or in the past then counselling is a good place to get support.
Coaching can support you if the issues in your life (and we’ve all got them!) could benefit from some outside support, whether it’s communication, self-worth, people-pleasing, time management, relationships, business. The list is endless.
An experienced coach will also help you work out whether counselling or coaching is the best fit for you.

What should I look out for when choosing a coach?

As important as it is to ask questions and find out the experience and background of the coach and how they work, notice how you feel when you initially speak with them. Does the coach show genuine curiosity and interest in you? Do you feel like you could work with this coach? Are they relatable? Does the thought of working with them give you a sense of possibility and excitement?
The connection between you and your coach is based on a relationship where you feel safe to explore, reflect and look at your life. Is this person someone you could imagine doing this with?

How long are coaching appointments?

Sessions are normally 60mins, however I ask that you allow 90mins as I’ve found that gives us enough time to not feel rushed.

How often are appointments?

Initially I recommend weekly appointments, as we get to know each other and build momentum. But it’s really up to you and what you feel is best – weekly, fortnightly or monthly are all common depending on what you want and need.

How long do you work with a coach for?

Committing for a minimum of 3 months really allows you to experience the benefits of coaching.

I’ve chosen a coach! What next?

It’s normal to feel excited, apprehensive, uncertain and curious before your first appointment. Give yourself time to settle into the relationship, as you both get to know each other. The coach may send you out forms to complete, which can be a combination of intake paperwork (payment, confidentiality, agreements) and reflective questions so the coach can start to get to know you (often clients report this process can be enlightening for them also).
Congratulations! You are on your way!
Curious about coaching? Contact me today to arrange a complimentary NO OBLIGATION 30-minute Discovery Session.

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