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It’s been intense lately, have you felt it? Stuff is coming up and it’s confronting. What have you been avoiding dealing with? What no longer serves you and must leave your life?

It feels like a massive life makeover is underway and we are being asked – pushed – to radically transform our lives.

This has hit many people, including me, pretty hard. And being a sensitive Libran (which doesn’t hold a monopoly on sensitivity I know, but I own my sensitivity big time) tears are never far away when I’m feeling the squeeze.

So how do we hold all this big emotion?

Once upon a time, I’d run from my tears. Initially out of embarrassment and shame then from fear.

Fear that if I started crying I’d never stop. Fear that the pain would consume me and I’d never feel good again.

Nowadays I’m more likely to lean into my heartache and tears. To sob when a sob is coming up. To make noises as I cry if my body feels like making noises.

And to find words – any words – that feels like my pain feels. To really let the words tumble out of me.

But holy heck, I’m not saying this work is easy. No way, no how. It’s a big detour from a life of rainbows and lollypops.

It’s gut-wrenching, soul level work.

So for anyone feeling broken-hearted, broken open or just plain challenged at the moment I say be gentle with your beautiful Self and know that you’re not alone.

Collective tears are being shed and you are being held in a giant cosmic hug.

That’s what I believe as we reach for comfort both within and from those around us.

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