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My own personal frontline, that is. I’m in no war. There is not one person who has crossed my path since I separated from my husband 2.5 years ago who hasn’t shown up with gifts, lessons and messages.

Through the ecstasy and agony (of my own thought-created reality) I now know

♥ How deeply and completely I love myself. This has been tested, many times, and I am now fully awake to my self-love.

I can love another yet love myself even more, such that I will do what I need in order to nurture that love from within and not seek it outside myself.

♥ That sex for the feminine is a deeply sacred gift and when seeking a long-term relationship requires an exchange of exclusivity, monogamy and continuity from the masculine.

If in doubt, my body will let me know.

♥ I need not chase, strive or fear a lack of the love I desire. It is available and my radiance and self-love is the flame I carry to light the way of another towards it.

♥ It is ok to own and express my sexuality and sensuality. It is ok to need to feel safe to relax into the fullest expression of it.

♥ The more I know and honour the masculine essence (both within me and within another), the less fearful I feel. The differences are real and knowing them allows me to lovingly step into my feminine power.

♥ Feeling good, as a woman, is my gift to the world. I will flow and rage and cry and lose touch with my inner truth but knowing how to return to the shoreline of peacefulness and trust heals the world.

♥ We are all connected. Suffering occurs when I believe the myth we are separate and separated.

My passion is to know myself as brave vulnerable and audacious. I love sharing all that I have and know to help others know themselves for who they truly are.

Robyn Sign Off - Pink

Life Coach
Facilitator of Men’s Groups and Women’s Coaching Circles

Inspiration to live a Brave Vulnerable Audacious life

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