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I’ve worked with many clients who – due to their committment to themselves and the work – end up with what they want.

Whether that’s the ideal work/life balance, the desired partner, the reconnection with their spouse, the dream job, the contentment of a life that flows, a creative project fulfilled, body acceptance or a healthier relationship with themselves and the people around them.

But it’s not uncommon to be at a loss to know what to do next. Not many of us were shown how to navigate life after achievement.

It’s kinda weird, isn’t it? We spend all this time focussing on what we don’t have and how to solve that problem.
And no time thinking about how life will be when we get what we want.
Then what?
I gotcha! Here are three things I want you to know –


1. Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements.

We’re often in such a rush to move onto the next area of our life that needs improving, we don’t stop and give ourselves time to say ‘well done’. In my experience, if you do this one thing you will set yourself up for more of the same. This is because the brain loves to be recognised and rewarded. Take a breath and give yourself time – hours, days, weeks – to celebrate where you have come from and where you are now. You deserve it!

2. Stay awake to self-sabotage.

The monkey mind loves to sneak in and tell you you’re not worthy of this great love, or this promotion or this new way of thinking. Be on high alert for any feelings of ‘this is too good, it can’t last’. The best defence for this? Recognise and acknowledge the thoughts as soon as you can and allow them in. It’s human nature, not a fault in your design, to be fearful of losing what you’ve achieved or created. Be compassionate towards yourself as you integrate this new way of being.

3. Finally, keep growing!

What is calling you next? Do you want to lay low for a while and enjoy the fruits of your work or are you ready to take on another area of your life? Maybe you want to deepen your awareness of the area you have achieved in and stretch into your next comfort level. Regardless, you have shown yourself what you are capable of and there is so much more to come!

If I was to add one more point, it would be gratitude. I am deeply grateful to all the teachers, coaches, mentors and friends who support me in my growth. Irrespective of what I’m wanting for myself and my life, the process would be nowhere near as productive – or fun – without them.

Gratitude is the oil that keeps the wheels turning toward what we want and opens up the channels towards attracting more.

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