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I’ve just finished reading Outrageous Openness – Letting the Divine Take the Lead by Tosha Silver. Once upon a time, this was challenging for me. I’ve always needed to be in control, to know exactly what’s going on.

But I’ve learned – and experienced – over many years the power of Trust and Surrender.

Living this way and allowing the sweetness of Life to guide me gives me a life that works.

In the book, Silver shares everyday stories where handing over the keys and allowing the Divine to lead creates a life of joy, possibility and abundance.

A favourite example in my life goes back 14 years. Our small family of three had just moved to Switzerland for my then-husband’s new job. I was a first-time Mum (baby Lily was only 6 months old), I didn’t speak French, knew nobody and it was Winter. Not ideal.

One evening, not long after I arrived, it all became too much. I was feeling very isolated, lonely and overwhelmed. Michael arrived home from work and it all bubbled over. As I lay crying with my head in his lap I sobbed ‘I just want a friend. One good friend. Not quantity, quality’.

I didn’t know it then, but I see it today. It was a prayer. A heartfelt, straight to the core of my being prayer.

Within a month I was sitting in a circle at an American Women’s Club meeting. We were taking it in turns to introduce ourselves. Most of the women were either high-powered, academic, focussed or entrepreneurial. At that time I was none of these.

Then a beautiful dark-haired woman around my age spoke. She was funny and warm. Like magnets we made a beeline for each other in the break.

By the time the meeting was over we’d arranged to have lunch at a creperie near my apartment. Within weeks we were on a train for a girls-only weekend trip to Milan (a rare treat for a new Mum). Over the course of the year, before she moved back home to the USA, we became each other’s rock in the big wide world of Expat Life, travelling together on more weekend trips, laughing and crying as we navigated this foreign land.

And she single-handedly organised the most important birthday on the calendar that year – Lily’s first.

My prayer was answered in the most powerful way imaginable. This woman is still in my life and she is my Soul Sister, Jen.

There are big changes coming up in my life. Initially, I felt scared and uncertain when I thought of them. Over time I remembered – trust and surrender. I am taken care of. When I hand my life to the Divine (Universe, Source, Spirit) all is well. All I need do is offer it up, take my hands off the wheel and follow the signs. 

This way of being often comes up when I’m coaching clients. At first, the idea of trust and surrender is scary – it reeks of passivity or letting go of the precious control in their lives. It feels like falling off a cliff with no safety net. But it is anything but. 

It is coming Home.

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