Help! I suffer from Facebook envy!

Help! I suffer from Facebook envy!

Do you find yourself scrolling Facebook seeing posts from friends doing the things you’d like to be doing?

Maybe they’re sharing photos of an awesome get together or a fun date with their partner. Maybe a photo of them exercising and improving their health and fitness. Or their latest overseas holiday.

You read an update about a friend who just got a fantastic new job. Or moving into a lovely new house. Or doing one of your bucket list adventures. Or she always posts positive stuff and never seems to have a bad moment.

Be honest – how do you feel? A little niggle of jealously? A small pang of resentment?  A full-blown case of ‘why them, not me?’ Out and out annoyance?

Do you struggle to click the ‘Like’ button?

It can get exhausting seeing other people do the stuff you want to do. It can be depressing confronted with other people’s great lives.

Like they’re holding up an unwanted mirror to what you don’t have.

Your mind will continue to feel pulled down if you let it. Left off the leash it will take you to dark and uncomfortable places.

Are you ready to have a different experience on Facebook? Ready to feel different?

Three Easy Steps to Break Through Facebook (or any social media) Envy

1. Next time you see a photo that triggers a negative feeling stop and take a second to recognise what’s going on.

It’s at this point you’d  normally think ‘there she is again with her perfect life/partner/holiday/body/business/bank balance and here I am still in my crap little world’. 

Instead of having a downer and scrolling on, stop for a minute and do something radical – wish her all she has and more. Send a positive cialis online gr thought. Acknowledge her hard work.

If it’s difficult to come up with something, go with an easy ‘I’m glad she’s happy’.

Just create whatever positive thought you can and send it her way.

2. Now it’s your turn – spend one moment setting an intention for what you want. The other person is really just reflecting something back to you that is missing in your life. Utilise this information to your advantage. 

Often times we don’t want exactly what they’ve got. We want the essence of it. We want more play, intimacy, energy, creativity, expression, abundance, lightness, connection.

“I’m ready for more (fill in the blank) in my life”.

Acknowledge that what you see in her is a longing in you and set a powerful intention “I am taking steps towards creating all this and more in my life”. Mūsų svetainė – tai susirinkimas labiausiai ambicingus, įdomiausių, geriausių ir populiariausių visame pasaulyje nemokamos sekso kameros gyvai tavo šansas susitikti ir pabendrauti.

You might even silently thank her for showing you what you really want. But that’s a big step!

3. Finish on gratitude. Spend one moment being grateful for what you have. You don’t need to list it but just do a quick ‘mind sweep’ and give thanks for all that you have.

*Even though I’ve focussed on Facebook, this technique can be used in any situation where you feel the pang of resentment/jealously/poor me when faced with the mirror of another person’s seemingly fabulous life. And remember to check out my other tips for taking control of what comes into your life via Facebook.

Sending you love and inspiration

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