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I was with a friend one morning recently when she received the good news that the project she’d worked so hard on had a successful outcome.

That afternoon when I gave her a bunch of flowers and mentioned how important I thought it was to acknowledge all her hard work and celebrate the outcome, she told me she’d forgotten about it already and moved on.

This is not uncommon for us humans.

We all know how quickly we want to move on when we feel shitty. But have you ever noticed how quickly we tend to move on after a great accomplishment?

I’ll often remind coaching clients to slow down and acknowledge when a goal or achievement is reached. To take the time to pause in the moment and appreciate the effort and committment that was required.

A good question to ask is ‘what would feel good to acknowledge this achievement?’. It might be a day off to live it up, a celebratory meal with loved ones or even a bunch of flowers.

Whatever it is, bring the intention of reward and recognition and treat yourself.

Do you stop and celebrate the win’s in your life? Do you allow others to celebrate you and your accomplishments?

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