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So I noticed something, leading up to Easter and I want to share it with you, see what you think. It’s a teeny tiny thing, but I reckon it’s a tip of the iceberg sort of thing.

Around this time (and any other celebration that involves food, like Christmas) you start reading well-meaning health and wellness professionals telling us to enjoy ourselves but go easy on the chocolate or don’t go overboard or be careful and avoid the unhealthy temptations.

Tucked in the message is a little warning or advice about moderation and getting back on track after the celebration is over.

My question is this –

How helpful is this advice?

Does this advice make any difference to how much and what you eat?

We all know it takes no time to tell someone what to do. Heck, as a parent I do it constantly. But for adults, being told what to do (even lexapro buy online india in a subtle way) often doesn’t feel good let alone work. Messages like this can make us feel guilty, worried, confused or even rebellious.

Telling you what to do vs finding out what’s right for you.

What takes longer is finding out what is right for you. We’re all different, our lives are different, our stress points are different, our dieting histories are different. Yet given the opportunity to talk, reflect and have a bit of a prod around, most of us KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Do we assume that adults (including you) need reminding of the dangers of overeating and unhealthy food? Or do we give each other space and time to find out our stories and feelings?

Hey, maybe we’re all conditioned to see these messages of advice and warning as normal, therefore they don’t matter. Maybe I’m nit-picking and a bit crazy for questioning them.

But what if they are the tip of the iceberg in a stream of messages we receive daily? Messages that leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused and ultimately disempowered.

You and I know, it’s a fine line between advice that uplifts, supports, educates, inspires and energises us (empowering) and advice that doesn’t. We can feel the difference. Huawei, Sony, iphone, Samsung telefonų remontas bei ekranų keitimas

I’m not here to shoot the messenger. The health and wellness professionals who tell us what to do are usually coming from a place of wanting to help. It’s up to US to decide if that’s the case or not. If you have a dieting history (like I do) I reckon you need to protect yourself just that bit more.

Begin to notice how the information you read makes you feel and filter it accordingly. Once you bring awareness to the constant messages you’re bombarded with and how they make you feel, you get to choose how to respond. Add that one to your list of Super Powers! Sex chat pokušení u nás můžete cann ‘ t komunikovat a najít nové přátele zcela zdarma. Bezplatný Sex Chat který kombinuje nejpopulárnější porno video chat, jako na bonga, russian.

Big love, fellow Soul Traveller!


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