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Dear Food, It Was Never You… – Robyn Patton | Life Coach

Eating when you’re not hungry, finishing leftovers, running to the kitchen on automatic pilot to bake a sweet treat (hello me!), night-time eating, snacking absent-mindedly during the day. Do you suspect you use food as a distraction?

Our emotions and feelings are uncomfortable. Life is painful. Reality is tough. Memories are like persistent headaches. People are frustrating, annoying, overwhelming.

Who wants to live like that? Who can bear the unpredictable, the uncomfortable? Did I really sign up for this?

We are clever and we have learnt to avoid any level of pain or discomfort. We may have learnt that other people prefer us to be happy, positive, settled and calm.

So unconsciously we create distractions from any level of pain or discomfort. Over time we learn to rely on our distractions. For many of us, it’s food, but exercise, work, shopping, alcohol, unhealthy relationships can all be used as distractions.

We are smart and we think we see everything to see in our lives.

We believe our distractions are the problem. We think we have a problem with food (or overworking or spending too much time on the internet or drinking too much or shopping).

Yet the truth is our distractions are actually a symptom, not the cause of our pain.

Our distractions are actually a symptom, not the cause of our pain.

Our distractions are a symptom, not the cause of our pain.

Dear Food,

Thankyou food for being there for me. At some point I chose you to help me cope. With uncomfortable feelings, with seeing the truth and not being able or allowed to say it, with painful situations, with discontent, boredom, fear, stress, uncertainty, success, loneliness, happiness, with not feeling like I fit in.

In subtle ways and in big ways I’ve relied on you daily and over time I came to believe you were the problem. You were never the problem. There is no problem.

I never learnt or trusted or practised or understood that my feelings are real and they need me to be present. I am ready to be present with my feelings and feel empowered around food.

I am ready to be present with my feelings and feel empowered around food.

I am ready to be present with my feelings.

I am willing to be with me.

I am empowered around food.

Think about your own life. Sometimes distractions present as problems (food, overworking, alcohol, shopping), sometimes they’re disguised as shiny baubles (illicit, unhealthy relationships) and sometimes we receive recognition from others for our ‘distraction’ behaviour (people admiring our excessive exercise routine, praise for our unrelenting selflessness and generosity).

Often our distractions are hidden from view and it can take time and support to acknowledge, thank and release them. Working with a therapist (for addictions) or a Coach can be an excellent source of support.

Contact me to arrange a complimentary Discovery Session and let’s begin the journey to recognising unhelpful distractions and empowering you in all areas of your life. 

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