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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Business Coach’? Does it include walks in nature, music and creativity? If not, Clare Greig is going to change your definition forever!

In a rare combination, Clare brings together highly practical business savvy with her gifts of creativity to offer her clients a coaching experience like none other. 

Find out how you can bring more creativity to your business plus a simple experiment to celebrate the flow of money.

Clare Greig is a certified business and creativity coach, tree changer, musician and breast cancer survivor. Clare is devoted to helping creative entrepreneurs make a living from their passions, curiosity and life purpose. Clare’s coaching has a special focus on holistic business planning, organic growth, authentic marketing, and supporting clients to access daily creativity, inspiration, wisdom and clarity.

Life has delivered Clare a unique set of gifts and life events that has evolved into her niche coaching experiences, including her creative childhood, a degree in music and psychology, connection to nature, 10 years working in media, sales and marketing, and experience as a coach.

Clare guides her clients to find their own natural rhythm and best way to use their gifts and business to make a difference in the world. She supports her clients to cultivate their business savvy and marketing online and offline in an elegant way, catalysing innovation so her clients’ creations are unique and original. Many of Clare’s clients walk with her in the forest of Mount Macedon as open space and nature open up the right side of the brain – and her client’s abilities to dream and feel inspired and creative. 

As a musician Clare also uses singing, sound and music as beautiful tools to let go of our conscious mind and tap into our feeling, emotions and creativity. Clare runs soulful singing workshops called SoundPlay.

You can connect with Clare on her website and via Facebook. You’ll also find her on Instagram.

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