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Brave Vulnerable Audacious Podcast

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Amy Crawford was a high-powered career woman till Chronic Fatigue Syndrome transformed her life.

“At the time it was a serious and terribly confronting challenge – detoxifying my life, getting well, redefining my career and ultimately, reinventing myself. However today, I am ever so grateful for that challenge because I’ve come out the other end leaps and bounds ahead, a far more evolved version of me”.

In this disarmingly honest conversation, Amy shared how Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC) was the catalyst to regaining her health. In fact it was so effective, she trained to become a CTC therapist and now offers this life-changing service to clients all around the world.

Amy also shares what it took to write the most vulnerable blog post she’s ever written, plus we dive deep into those times in our lives when we are so uncomfortable that the only way through is good support and trusting that something truly magical is on its way.

Amy has built a large and loyal following on social media through sharing her journey to wellness. Check out Amy’s website The Holistic Ingredient and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Amy says:

    Thank you so much for having me Robyn, it was such a delight chatting to you. What a wonderfully wise woman you are x

    • Robyn Patton says:

      It was all my pleasure Amy. Thankyou for sharing so vulnerably and generously…and for kicking off the Brave Vulnerable Audacious podcast on iTunes!

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