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Dear Soul Sister - Pink

It’s been a big month. Who am I kidding, it’s been a big year. But the last couple of months in particular have been…life changing. So much internal work, stripping away what no longer serves me, challenging long-held beliefs (from my 20’s, no less). Going deep and sitting in that uncomfortable place.

But it hasn’t been all pain and introspection. I’ve also seen flowers blossom from the stirred muck. At the beginning of this year I had the idea to interview local people who inspired me. I chatted with my brother about it and wondered…how to do it, what would it take, could I actually do it?

My interest in broadcasting goes back 25 years. While at University in Adelaide I was a volunteer host on The Folk Show at student radio station 5UV! I had so much fun. For a while there I thought about radio and went off and did some training. But once I heard that you needed an interest in sports to be on radio in Australia, the idea deflated and I tucked it away for many years…

Fast forward and a long-held dream + the wonders of modern technology = I’m actually doing it! My podcast is up and running and I’m having a ball 🙂 You can check it out here.

Allowing a Dream to come to Life

You’ve heard the phrase ‘bring your dream to life’? I prefer ‘allow your dream to come to life’. Think of something in your life you want, or are working towards or is a seed of an idea. Initially, the idea makes you feel excited and maybe a bit nervous.

It could be a holiday, work project, passion project or any other soul-stirring call to action. What to do about it?

Here are my top 5 tips to allow your dream to come to life

1. Share it with somebody, even if it’s only one person. ‘Hey, I’ve had this {crazy} idea and I want to tell you about it’. The reason why you’re sharing it is to put life and form to the idea.

Even if it takes one month, one year or ten years to come to life, the seed was planted cialis online rx just that bit deeper when you spoke the words out loud to someone else.

2. In the early days it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘how’ questions. Pull back from them (how am I going to…afford this? make it happen? connect with the right people? find the resources?) and focus on the ‘what’ (what might be my next step? what do I need? what feels good about this dream?).

3. Let the idea germinate, grow and blossom for as long as it takes. We are impatient, but it’s true – an idea is not ready before it’s time.

4. Journal your thoughts, fears, inspiration and possibilities around the idea when you can. Keep yourself in conversation with the dream.

5. Take small steps when they show up in front of you. For me, it was buying a professional microphone that had come recommended. That was my first tangible evidence of the podcast coming to life. Even though it sat there for quite a few weeks, I knew that when I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in I would be on my way. Visit Featured sex on live naked live amateurs making live sex on cam.

Bonus Tip

Be OK with the fact the idea may never come to life. Play with the possibility that we have inspiration around us all the time, and some ideas are meant buy plavix uk to be bought forth and other ideas serve a different purpose. Don’t judge yourself with ‘oh I always have such great ideas but I’m hopeless with the follow-through’.

Here’s to you and allowing your Dreams to come to life!

Sending you love and inspiration


Robyn Sign Off - Pink

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