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There was a piece I read recently about the importance of doing our Work – before coming into a relationship but also within –  that struck a chord.

I’ve worked with both men and women who crave a partner committed to their own healing and pulled by the desire to grow and evolve. But if missing within the relationship, the exquisite pain of that unshared desire can sometimes be too much for the relationship to bear.

What stays hidden and unhealed can create a corrosive toxicity of unmet needs and reactive behaviours, keenly felt by both people, but for different reasons. The challenge is – can you completely accept and allow who the other person is? And if so, what do you need to be at peace?

What do you think? What’s your experience been?

(More here on knowing when it’s time to do your Work).

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  • Mario Ilona says:

    I can say that you are in a serious relationship when both of you are thinking about your future together and it makes you adult or mature enough for a long journey of life goals.

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