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Imagine a friend from your past contacts you out of the blue and tells you he’s moving house and sorting through a lot of stuff. Some of which are the letters you wrote him way back in your early 20’s while you were travelling the world. 

Before he throws them out he has an offer. Would you like them back?

What would your answer be?

This just happened to me and it’s been the most extraordinary experience. 

My initial impulse was to say no thanks mate, that’s what the recycle bin is for. But my daughter was curious about the contents, revealing who her mother was before she became a parent. 

So I said thank you and yes please. 

With his hand on the big slim envelope holding my letters, us sitting together in a cafe for the first time in over 20 years, he repeats a couple of times you were so gutsy. You wanted to put into practice all you’d learned and go out and experience it, the world, people. 

He’d re-read all my letters and even put them together in date order. His memory was fresh as he relayed back to me the young woman who was in those letters. His words landed as a gift, not just of perspective, but of a loving remembering of who she was. Through the mix of words on a page and our connection. 

I’d been scared to revisit my young self via what I thought would be embarrassing written ramblings, certain it would just make me cringe. But his reflections, conveyed with such reverence and respect, changed my mind. I was excited to re-discover this young explorer. 

He had also re-read all the letters received from his siblings long years ago and extended them the same offer. 

Reading all those letters, connecting with the past and now being here was, for him, like returning a book to the library. 

For me, it’s a chance to love and celebrate the adventurous curious open-hearted complex young woman I was. 

But also remember the beautiful tender loving friendship he and I had that allowed me to express and explore all the wonders of my early journeying. 

A gift on so many levels🙏

(So, would’ve you said yes or no?)

Robyn Sign Off - Pink

Life Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

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