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Every now and then, I realise how many good men I have in my life.

My dad, brother, partner, ex-partners, uncles, male friends. They are all really good men. Not perfect by any means, but good men.

They show me love and support and help me in ways that are special to them. Their way of doing this is as unique as each of them, but I can spot it easily by how I feel.

I feel heard, safe or cared for. I know that I matter to them.

One of the most striking things I learnt from facilitating men’s groups was how deeply men need to feel appreciated for the everyday things they DO including going to work.

They didn’t need ongoing and constant validation, just an occasional feeling of being appreciated and valued for their contribution around the home and to the family.

Yes, both men and women need this. But I heard first hand from men how much it meant to them when their contributions (what they DO) were recognised and appreciated. Especially in amongst the daily grind of life, work and parenting.

It takes awareness to notice what the men in your life DO in order to show their love and support. And it takes intentional action to set aside our frustrations, resentment and fears to show appreciation. But it can be as simple as a text message or a ‘thank you for all you do’.

Healing within us and between us happens on an individual level. It happens when we are aware of and take responsibility for our needs, wounds and stories.

Healing opens our hearts and allows us to appreciate those closest to us and creates deeper connections.

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