The magic of Intuitive Nourishment

What is it going to take to just feel better? 

It’s not much to ask, right? But we all know there are things that get in the way of feeling good. We think these things are either external to us or outside our control – like our health, stressful relationships, career worries, feeling not good enough, the list goes on and on.

For many years I felt at the mercy of life.

Everything affected my happiness – from the number on the scales to how bad the traffic was. I was like a little boat being thrown about by the high seas. Sometimes calm but most often reacting to life as it happened to me.

It took many years of internal exploration and seeking to discover that I was far more powerful in my life than I could ever imagine.

I learnt the power of my thoughts and words in creating my life and making me feel better. I opened up my intuition through different spiritual and personal growth practices. I experienced complete transformation when I went from being a chronic dieter to learning about intuitive eating and freedom from restrictive eating.

And so, Intuitive Nourishment was born.

I gathered together all I knew from years of study and exploration and developed a Program and way of being that I offer my coaching clients.

In a nutshell, Intuitive Nourishment acknowledges six areas that impact and overlap all areas of your life. These are important, they all deserve attention and you will experience amazing shifts through the Intuitive Nourishment for Life Program.

The six key areas

Thoughts and words

Most of us are not aware how completely what we think and what we say creates our life.

Often, unless we have somebody supporting and guiding us on this journey, we remain oblivious to our ‘blind spots’. The stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck, the words we use that keep us powerless, our communication –with ourselves and others – that stops us feeling the way we want to feel.

How important are your thoughts and words are in creating your life?

With the right support, your thinking and words can be challenged and you receive tools to uncover the thoughts and words that are holding you back from feeling better. By being given the opportunity to feel powerful, grounded and peaceful all while navigating the minefield of what you think and what you say.

Once you have mastered this, you are on your way to true freedom.

Connection and spirituality

Why are you here? Is there a bigger picture?

Many of us are curious about where we fit into the world and what else is ‘out there’. Some are fully immersed in a spiritual practice that supports their wellbeing. Others are starting the journey and open to exploring to feeling connected and part of something bigger than themselves.

The foundation of Intuitive Nourishment includes the art of trusting, surrendering and allowing. As an art, it requires practice and support to be fully felt and appreciated. The Intuitive Nourishment for Life Program offers these and many other tools to guide you on your journey.

People and relationships

To feel powerful, grounded and loving in our relationships is the place to be!

But so many of us are stuck in old stories and old ways of being. We feel challenged, frustrated and annoyed by those around us. But when you open up the possibilities for creating the type of relationships you want, powerful shifts occur.

The Intuitive Nourishment for Life Program gives you the support and tools to identify the blocks and begin to build the relationships you desire.


For most of us, food is a complete minefield.

We are either overwhelmed about all the contradictory dietary information out there, stressed about our weight, struggling through a restrictive diet, hating our bodies, at war with our appetite or all the above.

What if it was possible to feel kinder, gentler, even more loving toward food, weight and your body? Whether you’ve had a long dieting history or not, most of us have complex and intense relationships with food and our bodies.

It is possible to take a different approach, be free of guilty, worry, shame and self-loathing.

Replenish and rest

Taking time out and getting adequate sleep are often treated as footnotes in the story of a healthy life.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us need powerful support to fully give permission to prioritizing sleep and rest. Through the Intuitive Nourishment for Life Program, this vital area moves from being a footnote to a headline


Your physical body is as important as your emotional and energetic body.

And moving that body is meant to feel good. But so many of us have negative experiences with exercise. Either using it as a tool of punishment or feeling guilty for not doing. From overdoing it to underdoing, we have many judgements and stories about exercise.

In the Intuitive Nourishment for Life Program we focus on movement. We challenge the old stories and beliefs and replace it with a kind and loving approach that uniquely feels right for you.

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