This is your invitation

Do you feel stuck?

Have you been wanting to do something for a long time, but just can't seem to make any progress?

Perhaps you've had a hankering for something more, but you're unsure what.

Are parts of your life like walking through quicksand?

Are you ready to discover the magic of creating a Life for you, by you?

I'm excited to partner with you on this Journey!

Robyn Patton has over 25 years of clinical and facilitation experience including managing, mentoring, coaching and supervising staff.
Robyn has facilitated workshops and training sessions to a broad range of groups and professions including people leaders, global and national corporations, local and federal government agencies, emergency services, allied health and small businesses.
Robyn is also a highly experienced life coach and has operated in private practice for over 10 years. Her style is often described as dynamic, interactive and informative.
Men’s health and wellbeing has been a significant focus for her over the last 6 years, serving as both a men’s group facilitator and supporting men in her life coaching practice.

She’s passionate about powerfully creating the story of your life, connecting with the wisdom of intuition and creating magic through vulnerability. Robyn lives in the Macedon Ranges with her new partner. Her grown up daughters have flown the nest, although are close by for regular catchups.

Prior to becoming a life coach and group facilitator, Robyn was a well-respected Social Worker, counsellor, trainer and supervisor. She spent many years working in the area of trauma, abuse, tertiary education and women’s health. She not only worked with clients but mentored and inspired the social workers and counsellors who healed others.

Robyn has a passion for transformation and empowerment that extends beyond just what her clients seek to achieve. Her genuine compassion and intuitive empathy combined with intelligence and strategic brilliance make her a coach quite unlike any other.

‘People usually come to me to help them “achieve” something. It could be in any area of their lives – career, health, relationships, money. When I work with someone, we don’t just achieve what was set out to, we blast any blocks holding you back into oblivion, we nail what it is you originally came for and that’s just the beginning…

Are you ready to become what you have always wanted to be; to do what you have always felt in your very bones you should be doing?

The coaching relationship is one of the most important ones you will ever have. I’ve always got your back. How often in life can you say that?

When we work together, it’s hundred percent about you and the life you want to live. We go wherever we need to; to get you where you want to be. I want you to feel the way you want to feel, to be who you truly, deep down in your guts know you are.’

From Social Worker to Life Coach

‘Many years ago I trained as a Social Worker and while footloose and fancy-free, worked as a counsellor, group facilitator, trainer and supervisor in Australia, USA, Canada and UK.

But coaching was calling me and in 2000 I began training as a Life Coach.

After getting married and baby number one, we moved to Switzerland and the travelling adventures continued.

What started as a short-term opportunity extended to five years and that’s where our second daughter was born. Looking for something extra, I started a home-based baking business for fellow expats hungry for familiar treats from home.

On returning to Australia I was keen to support those who, like me previously, were wanting to lose weight and learn about healthy eating. This led to roles as a one-on-one Consultant with an international weight loss company and running a successful weight loss support group.

A radical transformative moment in 2012 prompted me to give up a lifetime of dieting and embrace intuitive eating and body acceptance (and quit my job in the weight loss industry).

After my marriage ended, I was called into the study of the feminine and masculine essence within all of us. A journey that continues today.

From intense personal growth training and self-enquiry, I got clear on my past and released so much of what had been holding me back.  From this place of ultimate freedom and joy, I knew what I’m here for… 

My soul purpose is to transform lives that are ready to shed old beliefs and patterns.

To shed the Little Girl, Good Girl and Mean Girl and become an unapologetic Midlife Rebel.

I believe deeply in our inner wisdom. As women, we have all the tools within us to live our most authentic and powerful lives. But we lose touch. And I’m here to help you reconnect.’