On the new moon in May this year, in front of a dozen other women, I stood in a circle holding an offering to the Goddess.

Earlier in the evening we had sat silently around a table filled with flowers, crystals, sugar and other items laden with symbolism.

We were invited to set an intention for what we wanted in our lives then, with the objects before us, create a small parcel. Layered with our heartfelt desires, we were going to be offering this up to the Goddess.

Now, standing in front of a fire surrounded by 12 sisters, I grounded myself firmly into the earth and spoke.

“I call forth my man, my lover, my King. My soulmate who stays”.

(I believe we have many soulmates. Those people who show up to help us grow and evolve. Who challenge us and mirror our lessons right back at us. Some stay in our lives and others pass through.  I was ready for one to stay).

I heard my words come forth from the depths of my being and let their power be true.

I felt the women around me rise up energetically in support of my heart’s desire. I waited a moment, then placed my offering in the fire.

As I declared “And So It Is,” the flames became brighter and I rejoined the circle, waiting for the next woman to stand so I could witness her intention and offering to the Goddess.

Exactly one week later – to the day – I met him.

And on this most recent full moon, on a deserted beach, he and I created our own ritual together. Surrounded by objects carefully chosen for their meaning and loveliness, we wrote out what we wanted to release. What no longer served us in our lives and were ready to let go of.

As he read his words to me, I was overwhelmed with his committment to me and his work. And his love.

For what I have learnt, and continue to be reminded of, is we all have stuff from our past that we bring to relationships. And we all have fears and hopes for our future.

But when we anchor ourselves in this very moment and feel what is present for us right now, it is easy to find love. From this place, we are untethered from our past and released from the future.

And from this place, our innate wisdom guides us. Towards our true nature and our true desires.

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